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🌟 Announcing the Winner of the 2023 Rev Award! 🌿

A milestone in sustainability and Innovation
Welcome to a momentous occasion in the journey of environmental stewardship and business innovation! Today, we are ecstatic to announce the winner of the 2023 Rev Award. This award, a prestigious collaboration between Notable Life and The City of Toronto through its Live Green Toronto program, celebrates the extraordinary efforts of businesses that are not just thriving but are doing so by placing sustainability at the heart of their operations.
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🏆 The 2023 Rev Award Winner Is Here!

After an intense and inspiring competition showcasing the best of Toronto’s entrepreneurial spirit committed to environmental sustainability, we have our champion. This winner has exemplified innovation in their field and demonstrated a profound commitment to reducing environmental impact, setting a new benchmark for sustainable business practices.


Notable 2023 Rev Award

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in Celebrating Sustainable Innovation!

We invite you to join us in congratulating the Rev Award winner – this illustrious award includes a $10,000 grant! Unboxed Market’s journey and achievements are not just a win for their business but for our community and planet. Let’s celebrate this incredible milestone together. 🌱

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